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“Weird Girls” is a celebration of staying true to yourself. Boys. Girls. Teenagers. Adults. There aren’t any boundaries.
It’s about everything that people love and create.
It’s for giving a voice and a creative safe place for those of us who feel/felt like we didn’t have one before.
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Danni Danger

Danni Danger

Fun and thought provoking comic book reviews, pull lists, and commentary with Danni’s special twist.

Kelli Nova

Kelli Nova in Lara Croft cosplay

Kelli’s unique ability to make cosplay accessible to everyone, from Closet Cosplay to intricate costumes.


JediManda at SDCC

Jedimanda talks about everything animation and more and even throws in some puppets.

Heroes of Awesome

The Heroes of Awesome

The adventures of brand new Dungeons and Dragons players on their quest to become awesome.


Zonbi in armor

Let’s Play videos and whatever else strikes her fancy from Zonbi’s unique point of view.

Chandler Baker

Chandler Baker

YA author Chandler brings us her own Book Tube with book hauls, reviews, and virtual book clubs.


Chandler Baker

Professional fangirl and cat lady believes in Sherlock Holmes, not to mention all the other fandoms that she obsesses over.

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