Ghostbusters Reboot Sports All-Female Cast

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That’s right, Weirdlings! You probably recognize some of these names: Kristen Wiig? Melissa McCarthy? Leslie Jones? Kate McKinnon? Could this get anymore awesome?! We’re talking some of film and television’s funniest ladies kicking some ectoplasmic butt! To release the news, director Paul Feig, who worked with Wiig and McCarthy on Bridesmaids, tweeted this today: According to Deadline, the actresses are still …

(Op-Ed) Wicked Film: Animated or Live Action?


The internets have been buzzing like crazy about a Wicked movie to tentatively be released in 2016. After the recent success of Disney’s Into the Woods and the box office sensation that was  Les Miserables (2012) it is starting to look like the live action movie musical is making a comeback. However! Does anyone else remember that little animated short of …

New Avengers Trailer Released


Last night Marvel dropped the second full length Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer and let’s just say: it looks awesome!
More Hulk buster suit, more Andy Serkis, more mystery characters, more Scarlet Witch and a great look at Ultron himself.