New York and the Grumpy Computer

McKenna's New York Road Trip

McKenna took a trip to New York City this past holiday season and she brings us along to the Disney store, Times Square, Broadway, and a very opinionated computer at the M & M  Store.

Jennifer Lawrence Gets a Letter from McKenna

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has been on a roll lately. Whether it’s winning a Golden Globe for “Silver Linings Playbook” or spearheading one of the biggest movies of the year in “The Hunger Games.” Now she gets a letter from McKenna. What else do you need?

Peter Pan’s Lost Boys Hang Out with McKenna

Lost Boys and McKenna

Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan is playing in Houston and McKenna’s little brother is one of the Lost Boys. So she got to hang around backstage with the Lost Boys and turn on her camera.

Gower Champion

Gower and Marge Champion

McKenna has a school project about Gower Champion. So she decided to bring you along with her friend Sarah as they work on it.

Emma Stone, This Letter’s for YOU

Emma Stone

Does anyone NOT love Emma Stone? I didn’t think so. McKenna shares that love and talks about everything from The Amazing Spiderman to Easy A and every hair color in between.