Valkyrie of the Fortnight – Sarah


It’s time for more Valkyries! This time will be the first half of the duo of Sarah and Ivy from Delaware, breaking down stereotypes and taking names.

Valkyrie of the Fortnight – Sarah


Every fortnight we feature a woman working in your local comic shops to help break down stereotypes and show everyone that it’s not just a dude’s world.

Valkyrie of the Fortnight – Anna

Anna is a Valkyrie

We’re breaking stereotypes and taking names by featuring awesome women working in comics around the world. This week, meet Anna who joins us from Switzerland.

Valkyrie of the Fortnight – Megan


Every few weeks we step aside and feature a Valkyrie, one of the growing group of women working in comics and breaking down stereotypes. This week, meet Megan.

Valkyrie of the Fortnight – Helen Anderson


“Valkyries of the Fortnight” is a bi-weekly feature where we put the focus on women working in comic around the world. The Valkyries are a great organization of women in the field, breaking stereotypes every day.