Recap: Glee Episode 6×04 ‘The Hurtlocker’


The Hurtlocker is probably the most ridiculous, cracked episode of Glee there has been since Blaine and Sam dressed in superhero outfits and stole Dalton Academy’s trophy in Dynamic Duets. It’s fast paced and dense with jokes that appeal to long time fans and any possible newcomers that are out there. Every season of Glee has to have that episode …

“WIlliam Henry Harrison/Leslie and Ron” Parks & Rec Recap 7×03 & 7×04


The episode opens with Leslie meeting with different members of the Pawnee community pitching their ideas for what the Newport land should be to Leslie. She is looking for anything that could possibly be the upper hand to turn the land into a park. At Gryzzl, Ron, Donna, and Tom are meeting with the Vice President of Cool New Shizz …

Recap: Agent Carter- Time and Tides


Back again with the second week of Agent Carter, wonder spy extraordinaire.

This week’s Agent Carter opens up with a mysterious man watching the new apartment Peggy has rented from a shadowy street corner.

Parks & Rec Recap: The Snooker Has Become the Snort


Parks & Recreation is back for its final season!!! There is a three year time gap between last season and this season, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do with the characters we know and love. Where we left off, Leslie and Ben had triplets and were able to stay in Pawnee after the renovation of the …

Is Netflix Saying Goodbye to Doctor Who?

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.48.14 PM

That is the question of the day. You may or may not have noticed during your most recent binge of the hit BBC show that a little expiration date has worked its way into the description. It looks like starting Feb. 1, 2015 some of our favorite BBC shows including Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Luther will be taken off of …

Elusive Voices and Homecoming Sacrifice: Glee Recap 6×02


And so begins episode two. We are sketched into the opening shot while Blaine gives a nice voice over. For some reason I’m getting Days of Our Lives flashbacks. Blaine traipses through the halls of Dalton in an amazing suit as he tells us that post break up with Kurt he went through a mini quarter life crisis. His therapist …

Break Ups, Fresh Starts, and the Post Modern Gay: Glee Recap 6×01


Glee fans, it’s time for another premiere of the show we simultaneously love and hate! It’s a familiar feeling, except this time it’s for the last time. Where we last left off Rachel was on her way to L.A. to film the pilot for her new TV show, Kurt and Blaine were as strong as ever, Artie was studying in …