Stop Hating Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans GO is a thing

When the animated Teen Titans was cancelled in 2006, fans everywhere were crushed. When Teen Titans GO! started in 2013, fans everywhere were mad.


Warehouse 13 Recap – “Instinct”

Myka in Warehouse 13 "Instinct"

Tonight’s Warehouse 13 was loaded with lots of HG Wells, Pete one-liners, a newly invented goo weapon from Claudia, a little foreshadowing of bigger things to come, a couple long-standing warehouse questions answered, and most importantly – no more crazy and depressed Artie.


Doctor Who’s 12th Doctor Speculatron

Doctor Who's Tardis from BBC America

Matt Smith made it official by announcing that he would be leaving Doctor Who after this year’s Christmas Special. The bytes had barely slowed down at my computer before the speculation started: who will be the 12th Doctor?