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Here are some of our current contributors. Without these people helping to keep new and interesting content on the site, well… there wouldn’t be a site. Thanks so much to our regular contributors for helping make Weird Girls even more awesome.


Danni Danger
Danni Danger is Jean Grey I’m Danni Danger and I host a comic review webseries. I review comics, make pull-list videos, cosplay, and interview comic creators, artists, and authors. My show has one mission, which is to bring comic books to new audiences. I want to show people the real culture and art of comics, and change common misconceptions about comic books as a medium, and about comic book fans. The show is made to be accessible to everyone!


Amanda Dawn
Amanda Dawn aka JediManda Name: Amanda Dawn aka JediManda
State: Louisville, KY
Loves: Disney, cosplay, comfy things, Star Wars, art, tacos and peach soda
Hates: reality shows on the E channel, country music, doughnuts, and jello.


Kelli Nova
Kelli Nova is Lara Croft Kelli Nova was birthed under the blazing Texas sun. She was destined to cosplay because, as few people know, cosplay protects your brain from the scorching heat.While still a youngling Kelli Nova was interested everything from Disney princesses to video games. As with most weird people she didn’t begin her journey into the vast and promising world of cosplay until adult hood. Bringing her quirky sense of humor, her persistance and all around craftiness Kelli is showing us her journey from Padawan of cosplay to Master cosplayer. Watch as Kelli shows us how hard, and strangely fulfilling cosplay can be!. – Kelli’s posts


Elisabeth Gardner
Elisabeth's profile pic Elisabeth grew up in the Texas Hill Country in Comfort, TX and has lived in Austin since 1994. She attended the University of Texas where she studied biology and she now works in the family business – software (so much for biology…)Elisabeth took up rowing in 2001 and since then has competed in San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle, Boston, Oklahoma City and even as far away as Scotland. When not working or rowing, Elisabeth spends her time battling the weeds in the backyard, traveling to West Texas and beyond, amassing the perfect shoe collection, eating and sometimes cooking good food, attempting to knit something besides a scarf, providing a lap for her cats (Willow and Xander), dabbling in local politics, and helping her husband keep track of his things. – Elisabeth’s posts


Emma Hollingsworth
Emma Hollingsworth Emma hails from Austin, Texas and is the daughter of photographer Jack Hollingsworth. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree since Emma has a gift for taking amazing pictures. A devoted follower of the relatively new trend of iphoneography, Emma has quite the following on Instagram and is ready to bring it to the web. Among other things, Emma loves fashion and has a weakness for coffee.
Emma’s posts


Zonbi's profile picture Zonbi is a 23 year old geek who plays video games, reads comics, watches cartoons, and cosplays by day and fights crime by night. Zonbi has loved video games since she could pick up a controller and has been constructing her own costumes since she was 14 years old. Since contributing to Weird Girls, Zonbi has been covering video game themed content and also covers local events such as the SXSW Gaming Expo and other gaming events.
Zonbi’s posts
Catherine Trevino
Catherine Trevino's profile picture Catherine Trevino was born in Panama City, Panama and grew up in Texas. She has always been fascinated by and longs to travel to faraway places. She has adored reading books from an early age. Her admiration for the written word has sparked a fondness for writing poetry and learning new languages. Catherine was raised in a household where musical and intellectual pursuits were encouraged. An aspiring musician, she enjoys playing her keyboard and ukulele. While not going to school or biking in the wonderful nature routes in Austin, Texas, Catherine also enjoys reading the latest political or scientific news and especially, entering her favorite fantasy worlds from comic books and novels.
Catherine’s posts
Ashley Gamma
Ashley Gamma's Profile Ashley Gamma is a very successful robber baron from a planet where the only form of currency is the number of books a person has read. She’s here to share some of her plunder with you in exchange for pizza. - Ashley’s posts
Chandler Baker
Chandler Baker Chandler Baker cut her teeth on science fiction & fantasy greats like Lord of the Rings, Foundation and Dune before expanding her list of genre favorites to include contemporary, mysteries, dystopian and, yes, sometimes even romance. As she grew taller, so did her ‘To Be Read’ pile, which now teeters at precarious heights on her nightstand. Chandler has a tendency to be evangelical about great stories and believes that everyone’s a reader, they just need to find ‘their’ book. To this end, Chandler’s firmly anti-book snobbery. These days Chandler can also be found writing. She got her start ghostwriting young adult and middle grade novels, including installments of a book series that has sold more than 1 million copies. Her debut young adult novel, ALIVE is forthcoming from Disney-Hyperion in May 2015 followed shortly by the first book in her new series, HIGH SCHOOL HORROR STORY, to be published by Macmillan in the Fall of 2015 in conjunction with DiGa Vision, LLC. - Chandler’s posts