Hunger Games fan series “Star Squad” gears up for production

Star Squad Cressida

Wildly successful veterans from the web series world are making a new series in the Hunger Games universe, and they need your help to make “Star Squad” happen.

[image_frame width=200 height=300 pattern="exterior_line" align="left" alt="Dr. Aurelius picture" title="Mark Gantt as Dr. Aurelius"]http://www.weird-girls.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/StarSquad-DrAurelius.jpg[/image_frame] Woody Tondorf has well over 48 million views on YouTube for his show “Elevator.” He also happens to be a huge fan of The Hunger Games. When he teamed up with Caroline Framke, who writes for the Hulu show “The Morning After,” they ended up expanding on the world of the Hunger Games and creating their own series. Now they’re ready to make it a reality.

“Star Squad” is 3 episodes, but think of them more as “acts” instead of episodes. Act One sits at about 14 pages, and that’s the shorter one. We can probably expect the run-time for the whole series to be around an hour. That’s a lot of Hunger Games and could definitely hold fans over between the Hunger Games feature film (not related) and the sequel, Catching Fire, set to be released in November, 2013.

They’ve already lined up some amazing cast that they’ll be rolling out over the next few days. The first cast member they released is Cressida played by Tonya Kay . I don’t know about you but their propos picture of Cressida is exactly the way I had her pictured in my head.

But Tonya Kay is just the tip of the iceberg. They have done some brilliant casting and the announcements they’ll be making over the next few days will definitely make you even more excited to see the show. I’m really excited about … well I can’t really tell you until they release the names. But I’ll post more info here as it comes out.

[image_frame width=350 height=249 pattern="exterior_line" align="right"]http://www.weird-girls.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/serenity-cargo-deck.jpg[/image_frame]I also got really excited when Woody told me they had lined up using some of the old sets from “Serenity.” Can you just imagine some of these amazing locations on Serenity turned into Panem? I personally would geek out just a little to shoot on those sets. And then to shoot stories from The Hunger Games world on those sets? That meshing of two brilliant stories is definitely squee-worthy.

Of course making a sci-fi world with the level of talent and production it takes to really make it successful means they need money. So they’ve just launched an IndieGoGo project to get the funding they need to bring it all together.

Just like most IndieGoGo projects, they’re looking for donations to make the story happen. They’re doing something a little different to really engage the Hunger Games community online. The 3 Hunger Games fansites that raise the most money for the project will get to host a part of the series on their site. So if you have a Hunger Games fansite, you could host one of the episodes. It’s a pretty unique incentive to not only donate to the show but also to get your readers to donate to the show as well.

So take a look at their IndieGoGo project and support them if you can. I’m a huge fan of The Hunger Games and I’d love to see what these experienced web series creators can do with such a rich mythology and the money to make it happen.

They’ve got great talent lined up as well as some amazing locations. Add experienced producers who make great web content and I’m really excited about what this project could become.

Plus everyone who donates gets an awesome Star Squad patch.


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  1. Bob

    why would “wildly successful” people make fan films? and why do “wildly successful” people need fan funding?

    1. Star Squad 451

      That’s a great question, Bob! “Wildly successful” people make fan films because we are GIANT Hunger Games fans and want to tell our own story, one that doesn’t get told in the books and probably won’t get shown in the Mockingjay film(s).

      Why did a director of wide-release concert movies go and make the trailer for “Mortal Kombat: Legacy?” Because he loved the franchise and wanted to show how a great movie could be made. It’s passion, plain and simple. Success or “fame” has nothing to do with it.

      As for why we need fan funding, “Successful,” does not necessarily mean “Super rich,” especially on the web. Film productions are CRAZY EXPENSIVE, if someone at a movie studio or TV network were trying to make what we’re making, it would easily cost north of a million dollars. Not an exaggeration.

      Of COURSE we’d love to fund this ourselves and it’s never fun to ask people to part with their hard-earned dollars. That’s why we’ve pledged that EVERYONE who donates gets a free, custom Star Squad military patch mailed to them, as well as other perks that are unlocked the more you donate. We don’t expect folks to just hand us cash, that’s just silly. We have to earn this, and we wouldn’t be asking if we didn’t have an amazing cast, an astounding crew, and a blockbuster story.

      I hope that answers your question! We’re happy to answer any and all.

      Woody Tondorf
      Creator, co-writer, “Star Squad”

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