“Kitty’s Fairy Tale” comes back to life

Kitty Pryde cover image

Kitty Pryde gives a different look to the X-Men in her bedtime story to Illyana Rasputin. Who doesn’t love Pirate Kitty? Kitty_Pryde_by_Paul_Smith The Uncanny X-Men #153 is one of Danni’s favorite back issues and is a fun take on the X-Men. From wizards on flying carpets to dragons named Lockheed shaped like an SR-71. Foreshadowing maybe? Of course it is. And foreshadowing dragons is always a good idea. If you haven’t read it, take a look at your local comic book store and see if you can find it. Either the original or the reprint in X-Men Classic #57. Take a look at Danni’s review and recap of this awesome comic. http://youtu.be/V0Abgu46EDk

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