Snow White is the new “zombies”

Snow White is the new “zombies”

With two movies and a TV show featuring Snow White, you could argue that Snow White is the next “zombies.” Or “vampires.” But which Snow is the best Snow?

First off, go check out joshwmc at DeviantArt. He’s got a nice collection of Disney princesses that are a little more…aggressive than you may remember. That’s his Snow White above as she’s about to beat the crap out of some dwarves. But I digress…


[image_frame width=300 height=234 pattern="exterior_line" align="left" alt="Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White in Once Upon A Time"][/image_frame]Let’s start off with the ABC show, Once Upon a Time. If you haven’t heard about it, the evil queen has cursed everyone to live in our world. No more happy endings. Ginnifer Goodwin does a nice job as Snow. She’s pitch perfect for the part, especially in the Storybrooke world with the pixie haircut and all. Although I like the tough Snow White in the fairy world, too. Overall, Goodwin gets a solid plus for her job as Snow.

What drives me crazy is how her constant quest to reconnect with Prince Charming is a roller coaster of on-again/off-again romance and disappointment. I think she’s told him no fewer than 5000 times that she doesn’t want to see him again after more than their share of really bad decisions. Then they get back together and the cycle starts again. It’s the very definition of dysfunctional. I’m ready to see this story-line more forward instead of sideways.

Speaking of a story-line moving forward, how about more of a fight with the evil queen in Storybrooke? We’ve seen just how evil she can be with the Huntsman. Let’s see Snow really face a real villain, instead of a guy who makes bad decisions.


Speaking of the Huntsman, let’s look at Snow White and the Huntsman from Universal Pictures. In all fairness, this movie isn’t even due out until June 1 and I haven’t seen it. So unless Universal wants to send me to an advance screening or something (hint) we’re just going to play this one by ear.

[image_frame width=300 height=375 pattern="exterior_line" align="left" alt="Kristen Stewart as Snow White"][/image_frame]So let’s get this out of the way. Kristen Stewart plays Snow. Yes, that Kristen Stewart. From Twilight. To say there’s not some level of baggage there would be insincere. On one side you’ve got the die hard Twilight fans that love everything about the books and films. On the other hand you have people that are adamant about Stewart’s performance being less than memorable. Or memorable for all the wrong reasons. Barely Political even put out an instructional video based on her acting.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin. Charlize Theron is the evil queen. Yes, that Charlize Theron. The one with the Oscar. She chews up every scene she’s in. As beautiful as she is, she really carries a sense of evil with her. She alone gives me a lot of hope for this movie.

With Charlize Theron you have a real evil that Snow has to fight and conquer. Instead of dealing with secret coffee shop flirting in Storybrooke, Kristen Stewart wears armor and leads armies against Charlize Freaking Theron.

Visually Snow White and The Huntsman looks spectacular and if Kristen Stewart can pull it off it, she could be an amazing Snow White. You can tell they’ve worked at making Stewart look tougher than she has been in the past. Playing against an actor or Theron’s skill could put her over the top.


And last but not least is the film starring Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. Wait, did I say that right? Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. Yup that’s right. Okay. Mirror Mirror is the next Snow White movie coming soon.

[image_frame width=300 height=300 pattern="exterior_line" align="left" alt="Lily Collins as Snow White"][/image_frame]Lily Collins plays Snow White in this one and it comes to theaters March 30th. This one is a comedy/fantasy and it’s directed by Tarsem Singh, so you know it will be a visual experience at the least. As for how Snow White will be… well that’s really hard to tell. It almost feels like she’s just a supporting character based on the trailer.

Take a look and see what you think.

I just… I mean… no. Okay maybe if you want to take your little kids to see some Snow White minus the scary melting mirror and creepy milk baths.


So who do you think the best Snow White is?

Or would you rather just see some more awesome Ruby/Red Riding Hood?
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